Monster Girl Quest

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Monster Girl Quest
  • Developer: Torotoro Resistance
  • Genre: RPG
  • Version: 0.99.014
User Rating: Rating 4.53

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Torotoro Resistance
Torotoro Resistance
Windows PC


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Jackson Jackson

Monster Girl Quest is a story-driven RPG that features a number of well-developed characters, deep lore, an imaginative world that is both terrifying and erotic. Program is set in a world in which humans are nearly extinct, few that remain are treated as little more than livestock by non-human races. Video game is a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) with a turn-based combat system. It was developed by Cybernate and published by MangaGamer. It is an updated version of original game released in 2012. Product is based on Japanese manga Monster Girl Quest downloaded for free by Ken Akamatsu. Software is a traditional RPG with combats and exploration. You play as warrior, who has beens cursed and transformed into slime girls. Your task is to find a cure and break curse. Soft has 3 different endings. Application is translated from Japan and has English voice acting.


Graphics in Monster Girl Quest game downloading are excellent. Animations are smooth and character portraits are beautiful. Graphics are in a style similar to Japanese cartoons. Product has a comic-book layout with menu on right side. Software menu is easy to navigate. Graphics are sharp and clear with vibrant colors. Graphics in Monster Girl Quest for Android downloading is good, but not good enough to make game stand out. Sprites are well-drawn and look detailed, but they can be rendered in 3D and soft would still look good. Backgrounds are 2D and detailed, but it's hard to tell what is going on in them. Product is not very colorful, but art is good. Graphics in soft are not best, but they are not bad either. Creatures and characters are animated and look like they are from fantasy world. Backgrounds and locations are also good and detailed.


Gameplay in Monster Girl Quest free downloading full version is enjoyable and engaging, but it can be difficult to get into if you're not used to traditional RPGs. Software takes some time to get used to, but it's worth it. Gameplay is similar to classic RPG games. Product is divided into chapters with different monsters to fight in each chapter. Each monster has different strengths and weaknesses. Product is turn-based with players having to wait for the monster's turn before making their moves. Gameplay is turn-based and users take turns to attack. Attacks are mostly magic spells and they can be upgraded as soft progress. Players can also equip various gears and make use of their special abilities. You can capture monsters, which can be used in your party, soft is open ended with a lot of side quests and things to do. Product starts with a lot of exposition that you have to read to understand soft world, but after that, tutorial walks you through everything you need to know. Program Monster Girl Quest APK download is turn-based, with person only controlling actions of one character during their turn. Characters have a number of skills they can use in combat, player can equip one skill at a time.


Software has an online multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode Monster Girl Quest mobile downloads have two modes: PvP (Play Player Versus Player) and Co-op. Multiplayer mode is accessible only when player has finished soft. Product offers both PvP and PvE modes. PvP mode is available for free and it can be played by up to four players. There are also guilds that players can join and guilds can be rented for a fee.


Product has multiple endings, depending on player’s choices. Software Monster Girl Quest playing for free has a New Game + mode, which allows players to start soft from beginning with all items, skills, experience they gained in previous game.


  • How do I break free from playing Monster Girl Quest for free?
    You need Blood of a Man, Dragon's Tears, Flower of Life.
  • How do I defeat boss of game?
    You need to defeat 3 bosses that are guarding door to boss.
  • How do I change protagonist's name?
    You can change protagonist's name by going to "System" option in "Main Menu" and then tapping on "Change Name" icon.


In conclusion, Monster Girl Quest on Windows 10 is a good RPG for adults. It has a simple gameplay and a nice graphics. Software has a multiplayer feature and a crafting system. Product is a bit short and doesn't have a replayability. Program is a traditional RPG with combat and exploration. Software is set in a fantasy world where monsters and humans live side by side. You play as a warrior, who has been cursed and transformed into a slime girl. Your task is to search a cure and break the curse. Product has 3 different endings. Program is translated from Japanese and has English voice acting.


  • Fun and engaging storyline
  • Good character development
  • Great art
  • A variety of scenes and scenes that offer more than just a static place that you visit


  • Voice acting is a little off
  • Product is linear, so there is really no room for exploration

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